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Dear Parrots magazine,

Grieving after loss

I remember reading in the May issue of this magazine, an article from the RSPCA how an African Grey started plucking its feathers following the death of its owner. I have witnessed something very similar when an elderly neighbour passed away and who also had an African Grey. In this case, the Grey started to act very strangely with bobbing up and down and climbing up and down in its cage, which was concerning. It’s only because I have two parrots and this man lived in the next road, which is how we became friendly parrot neighbours.

As his health deteriorated and carers were called in, I spent more time to make sure the Grey was looked after, and during this time, it behaved as it always did. But as soon as the elderly man was taken to hospital, the behaviour of his Grey changed.

I am pleased to say that I have managed to rehome the Grey with another owner who has parrots and a large outside flight where they all go when weather permits. There was some concern when introducing the Grey to the others, but within a few days, they were all getting on very well. It just shows how parrots can get emotionally attached to humans and can suffer in the same way as we do when losing a loved one.

Patricia Small, by email




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