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Dear Parrots magazine,

The ubiquitous carrot

Leslie Moran’s articles is where I go first when opening Parrots magazine, as her writings are always a very informative read and I have gained much from her.

In the February issue 2022, I was quite intrigued by what she said about the popular carrot. I have always used fresh foods for my parrots, and also for my dogs – two Blue-fronted Amazons, a Labrador and two Patterdale terriers.

Although I have used carrots to feed my pets for years, I was not aware of the many benefits that they can provide and would say here that I always buy organic wherever possible. I hang carrot pieces on skewers, which not only feed my Amazons, but also provides them with foraging challenges and activity. With the dogs, I cut the carrots into small pieces and split long ways to prevent round sections getting stuck in their throats.

Yes, the carrot finds its way into many food sources for our parrots and pets, and offers the benefits of good nutrition.

Margery Philips, by email




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