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Dear Parrots magazine,

Great places to visit in the South West

How lovely to read Rosemary’s Low’s account of her visit to Paradise Park in Cornwall. The collection there truly is unsurpassed in the UK, as are the splendid conditions in which the birds are maintained.

Readers planning a visit to the South West might also consider a visit to the small but well-maintained Exmoor Zoo. On a recent visit I was pleased to see Yellow-Shouldered, Blue-fronted, Cuban and even Festive Amazons as well as Blue-throated and Great Green macaws in large, sheltered aviaries, and the birds seemed to be thriving and breeding. Of course, large aviaries should become the norm for hobbyists as well as zoo keepers, and it’s good to gain inspiration from the accommodation offered by forward-thinking public collections.

Oliver Fry, by email




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