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Dear Parrots magazine,

Choose organic

I have had my two macaws now for 37 years and I never tire of reading about all parrots, both from a companion point of view, and from some of the more interesting stories.

We have learned a great deal over the years about parrot nutrition with the many opinions that ‘experts’ have. What I am seeing is a gradual and determined move to fresh and natural foods. And it’s not just the many dog and cat owners who are now favouring natural foods. Parrot owners are too and we see an increasing input and information on natural foods appearing from Leslie Moran, Eb Cravens, Karmen Budai and SqueakyBeak providing awareness of the value of natural choices.

Apart from the nutritional value natural foods provide, this change in direction mimics what we are seeing worldwide with the focus on our health and avoiding the many harmful ingredients that are common in the foods we all consume.

I am encouraged by this trend and encourage parrot owners to provide their birds with the best natural foods available and to choose organic wherever possible.

Rosemary Tilling, by email




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