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Dear Parrots magazine,

A great little parrot

It was about eighteen months ago when we bought our Green-cheeked Conure from our local pet shop. We have always been somewhat nervous as pet shops can have a questionable reputation when it comes to selling live animals. It is a pity that when there is a case of cruelty or neglect at a pet shop, all pet shops tend to be tarred with the same brush.

However, our local pet shop has a good reputation and we know the staff well because of our dogs and guinea pigs, so we knew hardly a risk. When we went to see this conure, it appeared quite nervous, although we were assured it would only be time before it became tame, and used to us. We were told it was reared by its parents, which it why it seemed unsure of us, but we were told it would calm down and be like any other hand-reared birds.

I have to say, despite being happy with the pet shop, we did have a small reservation, but because of knowing the staff there for many years, we went ahead and bought the conure. We were still a little nervous, but persevered. We called him Coco and he would happily come out of his cage for most of the day, and me being partially disabled, I am at home pretty well all of the time.

Over the following few months, Coco became increasingly confident and would come to me, my husband and our daughter without hesitation. He has turned out to be a delightful little parrot and is in complete charge of the household. Our two Labradors take no notice of him and just lay and watch his antics.

While I know we are told never to let our parrots mix with our four-legged pets, he gets on famously with the dogs, and knowing the character of Labradors, we have no concern – he sometimes sits right beside them and it is amusing to see them quietly dosing off. We always watch them all, and over the past eighteen months, there has never been a problem and the dogs seem to love him like we do. I can recommended a Green-cheeked Conure as a great companion and addition to any animal loving family.

Mary Schulz, Ohio, USA




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