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Letters: Clean air needed

Dear Parrots magazine,

Clean air needed

So I have some crappy news. In the past two years since I’ve had my boy Bruce, I’ve begun to get some weird lung issues. Well 12 months ago I had to see a respiratory specialist and have been having three monthly CT scans. Long story short, I have to go in for exploratory surgery as I have banded scarring, nodules on both lungs and deadening on the bottom of both lungs.

This is all pretty scary given I’m only in my early 30’s, but I’m not giving up my boy. But I’m moving house so he can have a separate room instead of being in the dining room (main walkthrough). My main reason to post was to ask about air purifiers, does anyone know what the best brands are? I’m planning on going overkill and placing one in every room, as I will still have his stand in my living area so he does not miss out on attention. Apologies about my poor grammar, and for potentially depressing you with my sad sack post. Thanks for reading and any advice would be appreciated.

Anonymous, by email




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