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Dear Parrots magazine,

Got it!

I have a Grey and an Amazon that have cages next to each other in our lounge and during the night everything is normally peaceful. But recently, there was a kerfuffle and when I went down, both of my birds seemed very agitated with seed husks that had flown all over the place. Nothing was out of place and this appeared to be a complete mystery why they had been clearly startled.

However, it was about two weeks later, while my husband and I were watching tv that we noticed out of the corner of our eyes, a brown something flashed across the floor. To our horror, it turned out to be a mouse, which is what we think was the source that agitated our birds that night. To deal with this we bought one of those humane mousetraps with a tapered funnel that they can climb into, but can’t get out.

Not seen again!

Angela Seagal, by email




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