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Dear Parrots magazine,

Ruppell’s and Rescue

My question is to ask if you could do a specific breed study/article on Ruppell’s. Please, I would love to learn anything else I can about them. I rescued one, which I think is a male. It has taken me almost two years to gain his trust, humans had not been very nice to him in the past, so it was a slow process. I also rescued a Green-cheeked Conure, which are much more common. She had plucked her feathers, and was also terrified of people. They are both doing very well now and I have taken them out of their cages to play every day, and even take them outside on sunny days. It is amazing how attached one becomes to these feathered creatures!

I became an accidental parrot-parent (I had not intended on having birds until I saw their situation, I had to do something about it). So now my family says I have really turned into ‘bird person’!

Anyway, thank you for your lovely magazine, and the exceptional customer service. If you can do a piece on Ruppell’s I would love it!

Also, maybe you could do an article on parrots who are ‘special needs’ or recovering from an abusive or/and former homes. That would be wonderful. My two were so afraid and traumatised that I researched and found a parrot expert (about four hours’ drive away), so he came out to my house and we had a consultation with the birds. He gave me tips and advice, etc., but it would be great to see articles on dealing with rescues..

Jen, Canada




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