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Dear Parrots magazine,

Much to learn

I read Sally Blanchard's Poicephalus Consultations. She made me aware that a parrot's anger comes from fear. I have had a rescue Senegal for 15 months, apparently he maybe 10 years old. So we've rubbed together all this time as best we can because he does not like hands. And I've worked my way round it by 'training' him, with patience, to step up on to a perch to move him from A to B.

Sally said in her piece not to stare directly at the parrot and lower my head and half close my eyes and look away. I did this from right to left a few times and when I looked at him he too had his eyes half closed. I thought it was lovely and realise I need to speak parrot, not the other way around.

The lady in the piece took no notice of the advice, but I did Sally. And I would love more.

I don't need him on my hand, he climbs down his cage and we have a coffee table between us and he sits with me on that. I just need to speak to him.

Marjory, by email



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