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Dear Parrots magazine,

Harness Success

I read a lot about harnesses and I so wanted to take my Orange-wing outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun, so I bought a harness. That is when the fun started!

To start with Charlie wouldn’t go anywhere near it and I thought any attempt to put it on him would not be good. But reading much about harnesses, and Robert the Bruce, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again – so I did.

To start with I left the harness close to his cage and also alongside his favourite play stand. At first he glared at it with disdain, but over a few days he became more interested in it and didn’t seem at all nervous. So once he was out and on my arm, I got him to play with the harness, which he did and seemed to enjoy it.

So I thought now the time was to attempt to put it over him.  Again, and at first, he wasn’t that happy, but did eventually accept it. With steel determination, I did manage to get it on him and now the pair of us can go out to enjoy the sunshine.

I thought your readers would like to know about my experience.

Jill Croxley, by email




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