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Dear Parrots magazine,

Hybrid Parrots

There has been a lot of controversy about hybrid parrots. I have a Blue and Gold and a Green Wing that have been together for eight years and are devoted to each other. This all came about by accident as a friend of mine could not look after her Blue and Gold because of health issues, and I was the obvious person to look after her bird on a temporary basis. But they bonded immediately and I did not have the heart to stop them from mating after about two years together, as clearly they wanted to bring up a baby.

I have a very large flight in our house and so I installed a nest box and the rest is history. The result was the most beautiful Harlequin Macaw and it has a most loveable character and great personality.

I can understand enthusiasts wanting to keep the species pure, but should we stop producing hybrids. Cats and dogs produce the most wonderful hybrids, or in their cases, cross-breeds, so why not parrots?.

Belinda Crossthwaite, by email



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