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Dear Parrots magazine,

What a reputation

I read Tony Silva's article on Cockatoos in a recent edition of Parrots magazine and it gave me the impression that all Cockatoos are aggressive. I have two Umbrellas and a Triton that could not be more affectionate, although I have read instances when male Cockatoos have killed the females. I accept that out of all the parrot species, Cockatoos can attract a reputation of being very outgoing and in need of owners who fully understand their personalities and characters.  I have to say that my Triton, at one time, did become somewhat of a handful, but with understanding, and reading some very helpful articles, I have overcome all the issues.

The three of them get on very well and do have their differences, but I cannot say that in any way have there been any serious problems or, indeed, any aggressive behaviour. I know of other owners who have Cockatoos without problem. I also get annoyed when I hear people stating that Cockatoos should not be kept as pets, although am aware that some can be a handful. Cockatoos can be very demanding, which should be made clear to potential owners, so rather than saying they should not be kept as pets, should we be placing a lot more emphasis on educating the sellers. When we hear of problem issues with pet animals, it is usually the owners and not the animals that are the problem!.

Amanda Holdsworthy, by email



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