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Dear Parrots magazine,

Non-stick issues

I have been using non-stick pots and pans for many years and have two Cockatiels. Reading much about this coating has increased my concern whether or not I should throw away all my non-stick pans, as I understand that when the non-stick surface becomes overheated, which it can easily do in busy kitchens, it will kill my birds. I have always been a bit puzzled as I use a lot of non-stick pans and have never experienced any problems, although I am quite careful in my kitchen and am not aware that I have unduly overheated them.

I have read a number of accounts where people have said their birds have suddenly died and they have been using non-stick pans, but don’t make it clear that there was a connection between the birds dying and pans being overheated. It may well be that the birds would have died anyway. I think common sense is required and if you go about your kitchen duties in a responsible way, there probably won’t be any problems. However, I stand to be corrected.

Joanne Lucking, by email



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