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Dear Parrots magazine,

Ringnecks are great!

Sally Blanchard is to be congratulated for her superb article on the Ringneck Parakeet.

I was becoming really fed up by ‘experts’ saying the Ringneck is only suitable as an aviary bird, and never makes a good pet. My little friend is five years old, aviary hatched and parent reared, and is a very comical, tame and lively companion. When I come home from shopping, she clings to the front bars of her cage door, waiting for a tickle, and demanding to know if I have brought her a treat. She whistles Colonel Bogey, Shaun the sheep, and the French national anthem, her favourite word is "wot?", visitors are hugely entertained, and invariably fall about laughing at her antics.

The article certainly did Ringnecks credit. Thank you Sally, you made my day.

Bette, by email



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