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Dear Parrots magazine,

Neutral rooms do work

Your article in the July issue about neutral rooms has worked a treat.  I have a Green-cheeked Conure and I wanted some company for him as he seemed somewhat forlorn on his own.  It was at that time that a friend of a friend, who bred Maroon-bellied Conures offered me one of his birds that was surplus to requirements and about three years old, which was a similar age to my own Conure.

It was free and seemed an ideal opportunity, although I was concerned about them getting on with each other.  After reading Sally Blanchard’s article on the neutral room, which couldn’t have been published at a better time for me, I went ahead and introduced the birds in one of our spare bedrooms.  The two immediately got on brilliantly together and I would certainly recommend using a neutral room to anyone else.

Deborah Mulholland, by email



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