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Parrots magazine, Issue 86

Issue 86 4a1cfaea166d8

Breeding Hyacinthine Macaws, Malnutrition, Living with a Quaker, Spectabilis

Issue 86 - March 2005

The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens – Toenail tips for parrot keepers – A most important segment of parrot anatomy are the eight minute toenails – those tine pointed nubs of horny keratin which make furthest and first strong contact with any environmental perching surface. Healthy pet psittacines have healthy toenails. They need them for a wide variety of uses. Malnutrition in Grey chicks – The importance of the correct food for baby parrot chicks cannot be overestimated, so what can be done when the parents fail to allow their young to feed properly? Sonny Stollenmaier tells us about his experiences with one breeding pair. Breeding Hyacinthine Macaws in Bahrain – Kate Gammond has been raising Hyacinthine Macaws in hot and humid Bahrain for the past 10 years. She shares here experiences of breeding this beautiful bird with us. Living with a Quaker – The Monk Parakeet is a popular pet parrot in the USA, but Amanda Gregory argues that the Quaker deserves its chance in British homes too. Helping the Alder Amazon in Argentina – David Waugh of the Loro Parque Fundacion details the measures that are being taken to ensure the long-term survival of the Tucuman Amazon in its native habitat. Parrots in Focus – Green Rosella a Tasmanian speciality for the connoisseur by Cyril Laubscher. An interview with Irene Pepperberg – Professor Irene Pepperberg will be speaking about the ‘Alex Studies’ at a conference on animal sentience in London, UK. Sonny Stollenmaier spoke to her about her groundbreaking research. Cockatoos in Australia – Australian Cockatoos have a rosy future, according to Allen Friis. In this article he tells us why. The Great Escape! As Spring approaches you may be tempted to throw a few windows open, or even take your birds outside into the garden with you – but what if they escape? Rachel Grant advises what to do should the unthinkable happen. Spectabilis: Solving an ancient mystery – Rosemary Low describes the confusion surrounding this apparent sub-species of the Black Lory, which is actually a hybrid bird.

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