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Parrots magazine, Introducing the Lovebirds

Parrots magazine, Introducing the Lovebirds

Lovebirds are an interesting group of parrots originating from the continent of Africa and the island of Madagascar. The genus Agapornis comprises nine species, three of which are sexually dimorphic, the Red-faced, Abyssinian and Madagascar. The four ‘Eye-ringed’ species are the Masked, Fischer’s, Nyasa and Black-cheeked, with the Peach-faced being thought to be intermediate between the two main groups. This species possesses some traits of the former group but is not sexually dimorphic, while it’s general appearance resembles that of the Eye-ringed group but lacks the bare white skin around the eye. The Black-collared Lovebirds, the least known of the genus, remain birds of some mystery and do not fit easily into either group, being individualistic in their habits and appearance.


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