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Parrots magazine, Issue 25


Training, Trichomoniasis & Budgerigars

Issue 25 - December 1998 / January 1999

Black, White and Shades of Grey by Tracy Gwillim, re training and nurturing techniques. A Parrot story from Western Australia about a young 28 Parakeet. A Letter From America about a Goffins Cockatoo by Kathy Pearson. Using Whole Foods as Vitamin Supplements by E B Cravens, EB Cravens is a keen advocate of natural methods in aviculture and writes a monthly series of articles in the US entitled ‘Birdkeeping Naturally’. First Time Parrot Owners, trial and error is how many of us first learnt about pet bird keeping by Jan Boylan. The Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo by Armin Brockner, if you are considering breeding these beautiful birds, great care, dedication and perseverance is usually needed before success is achieved – as the author discovered. Feather Picking by Edward Callahan. Modification Behaviourist, Aviary Education Centre USA. The Cuban Amazons in aviculture, Danish Aviculturist Peter Them tells of his experiences with Amazona leucocephala and his success with the captive breeding of this most interesting Amazon. Hand-Reared, Hand-Fed by Pat Hartley-Walker, perhaps if your new baby bird is causing you problems, it is because it has not been fed in a kind manner. Polish Up Those Perches! Bird management and hygiene is important in the home.

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