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Parrots magazine eMag 81, October 2004



Living with a Blue and Gold Macaw, Breeding the African Grey, Parrots that Defied Captivity

Issue 81 - October 2004

Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher -€“ Red Shining Parrot, an unusual species from the Pacific Islands. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens -€“ Some of my favourite DIY cage designs. Whether you own one bird or numerous pairs of birds, valuable time and money can be saved by designing and creating your own cages. Living with a Blue & Gold Macaw -€“ Sonny Stollenmaier has been in the company of macaws for many years. He tells us why sharing his life with his beautiful, intelligent and affectionate Blue and Gold is '€œan absolute joy'€ Breeding and rearing the African Grey -€“ The African Grey is one of the most popular parrots in aviculture, despite being timid, shy and sensitive. Marcus Kreft shares his many years experience of breeding the Grey with us. Parrots that defied captivity -€“ there are around 50 parrot species that are not kept in captivity as attempts to keep them alive have failed. Rosemary Low investigates why this might be. Echos of Mauritius -€“ The Mauritius Parakeet is a critically endangered species. Pat Drew reports on the extensive conservation programme and facilities on its native island. Books focusing on holistic parrot care -€“ Leslie Moran tells us about the jewels of her animal holistic healthcare book collection -€“ Holistic Care for Birds, a Manual of Wellness and Healing. The Paradise Parrot -€“ Despite not having been documented for a period of over 50 years and therefore being classed as extinct, several reported recent sightings of this beautiful parrot are stirring the interest of the Australian avicultural community.



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