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Parrots magazine, Issue 124

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Sun Conures - They make wonderful pets and breeding birds, Living With Sprite And Gonzo

Issue 124 - May 2008

The Complete Psittacine – What things are we willing to give up for our birds? By EB Cravens. Living with Sprite and Gonzo Shirley Barnes tells how they have helped her cope with a heartbreaking start to her live as a parrot owner. Parrot Rescues€“ as part of our campaign to find a solution to the number of unwanted parrots in the world, Jessie Zgurski does some research on rescuing a parrot. Guatemala Parrots - Bob Alison writes about the link between ecotourism and the conservation of parrots in Guatemala. Parrots in Focus€“ Celebes Hanging Parrot Cyril Laubscher looks at a rare and very desirable Indonesian species. Sun Conures Hand-reared Suns make wonderful pets and breeding birds, says Pauline James Sun Conures are medium-sized, golden-yellow parrots from South America, and are nothing less than stunning. But, even more significant, is the fact that these beautiful birds also have an endearing and adorable personality to match their good looks. Actions Speak Louder than Words€“ You can form a better relationship with your bird by learning to understand its behaviour patterns and vocalisations, says Jane Grimshaw. Headdresses to save endangered macaws in Bolivia Mauricio Herrera of the Asociacion Armonia/Loro Parque Fundacion in Bolivia tells how the use of alternative materials of the Machetero dance headdress is helping with the conservation of the Blue-throated Macaw (Ara glaucogularis).

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