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Parrots magazine eMag 130

eMag 130


Issue 130 - November 2008

Living with… 'Major' the Military Macaw, Complete Psittacine - Applying the Three Basic Animal Needs to Parrots, The Holistic Parrot - Vegetables and Fruits, Unexpected Sources of Essential Amino Acids, DVD Review - Understanding Parrot Body Language, That Bird Sure Can Scream! - Barbara Heidenreich takes us through some of her experiences with noisy parrots, North America’s Ferral Parrots - Bob Alison tells us how these psittacines are being accepted as part of our familiar surroundings, Book Review - Birdkeepers’ guide to African Greys, The Clicker - Jessie Zgurski explains how clicker training can be used as a tool to help manage aggressive parrots, In loving memory - Two readers recall their beloved pets, A Reader’s Story - Rachel Brotherton writes about her special budgies



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