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Parrots magazine eMag 131

eMag 131


Issue 131 - December 2008

Nutrition - Mark Hagen discusses trends and philosophies, Complete Psittacine - Fledgling Amazon Personality Developments, In Sickness and In Health - Living with an ailing Sun Conure, The Holistic Parrot - Importance of Dietary Enzymes, Australian Biosphere - Bob Alison highlights the ongoing problems threatening Australia's wild parrots, Training your New Parrot - Barbara Heidenreich tells us where to begin, Thick-billed Parrot project - The World Parrot Trust continues its support, Is it all in the water? - Amanda Harkins is surprised by the effects of mineral water, Bali Bird Park - Shane Hancock finds Parrotdise!, Book Review - Birdkeepers' guide to Amazons, A Reader's Story - Vivian Lee's devotion to a special Grey.



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