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A Flying visit to Ardastra Zoo and Gardens


By Theresa Woodward

It was after I visited and enjoyed the bird park at Ardastra Zoo and Gardens that I learned a few things and liked the position they took on education, and thought others might learn something as well.

Nothing qualifies me to critique these places, as I am not an expert but someone who is smitten with these generally loud, destructive, dusty, demanding and intelligent feathered creatures.  So, in a moment of madness, on the beach after a couple of rums, I sent a quick email off to Parrots magazine and suggested perhaps I should write about a few of these bird parks.  The answer came back - yes. Well, that sobered me up!

In my real life, I work for an airline, so I get to fly long haul and visit lots of countries.  When I am down route, I bore everyone with photos, as well as talking about my birds, and usually find somewhere to go to see birds.  I've seen some shocking places and some excellent ones.  I am not an expert in anything except, perhaps, pouring tea and coffee, so these visits to bird parks and zoos are purely from a visitor’s viewpoint.

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