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Winter – precautions and procedures


By Rosemary Low

Cold winter months and cold snaps can easily catch out the most experienced bird keeper.  Here, Rosemary Low highlights some precautions that can save the day.

I suspect the majority of readers here are companion bird owners, rather than keepers of parrots in outdoor aviaries, and that the conditions under which their birds are kept do not fluctuate greatly.  Nevertheless there are some important considerations regarding parrot care during the colder winter months.

They might seem almost too obvious to mention, but sometimes the most experienced people need reminders of what can go wrong if we become too blasé.  Take draughts, for example. In the warmer months some blasts of air from an open door or window might be very welcome, but in colder weather, draughts can be killers for birds.  Because of the style of cages used indoors, a parrot in a draught cannot escape from it, so be sure to check that the location of the cage is draught-free.  At night a cage cover will help to keep it cosy.

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