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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran


How Much Does that Apple Cost? Are Organic Foods Worth the Price?

When the topic of buying organic foods comes up in conversation, many people automatically respond, “Organic - it’s too expensive.” But are they really considering the full cost, the total impact, of buying, eating and feeding their birds commercially grown foods? Or are they just looking at the price tag while ignoring the hidden costs? These hidden costs are actually consequences that effect each of us in one way or another.

Before discussing organic foods, lets define what organic means. The organic label is backed by a set of rigorous federal production and processing standards that require all products bearing the USDA organic seal be grown and processed without the use of toxic and synthetic pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers, genetic engineering, antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sewage sludge and irradiation. These standards provide traceability from the farm to the consumer, ensuring that you and your family can have confidence in the quality and safety of the organic products you buy.

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