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What Does Polly Say? Species Differences In Vocal Learning By Parrots Revealed By Citizen Scientists by GrrlScientist
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Good management to avoid hand-rearing. By Rosemary Low
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The Never ending Enrichment Conundrum. Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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The Cost of Living … with parrots. By Catalina Tate & Rebecca Pauli
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Sally Blanchard obituary

 MG 6185 Sally Blanchard speaking

by John Catchpole

One of the most respected behavioural specialists in the parrot community has passed away at the age of 78. Everyone at Parrots magazine was shocked to hear that Sally Blanchard is no longer with us.

Sally has helped many owners with their behavioural problems and has written many articles for Parrots magazine. One of the most notable behaviour specialists, Sally was well known for her regular publication The Pet Bird Report, spanning over 20 years, containing many articles on behaviour that are still very much valid today.

Sally was extremely popular when speaking at conventions in the United States with her much loved Black-headed Caique, Spikey LeBec. He loved to show off and would show delegates his fascinating acrobatic performances.

Sally had lived in Loveland, Colorado, USA, for many years and had also spent time when attending American School in London. When she came to speak at our 2014 Think Parrots Show she was pleased to be back in the UK, which she said held many great memories. Her popularity was evident when her talk topped the highest number of attendees.

Sally was also an accomplished artist and was well known for the various sculptures she produced, some of which have been featured in Parrots magazine.

Sally had suffered a number of health issues in her last few years although her cause of death has not been published.

Her passing is a great blow for the whole global parrot community and our condolences go to Sally’s family.

The joys of being an author! by Rosemary Low

Rosemary author heading 640px

Someone asked me recently, “How many books have you written?” Good question! I had to go to my website, look under “Bibliography” and count them and excluding short books, I counted 31. My first books were published when I was in my twenties and, since then, I have usually published at intervals of two or three years.

Rosemary Low's article, published in December 2021, is available to buy in print as a back issue of Parrots magazine – CLICK HERE – or to download as part of eMag 287 – CLICK HERE.

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