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Galahs in the pink!

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By Pauline James

The Galah Cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla), one of the most widespread and commonly found parrots in Australia, have I feel, rather unfairly, become the butt of many an Australian joke - the word ‘galah’ being a derogatory term in Australian slang, meaning foolish or daft. But, if the truth be known, Galahs are in fact highly-intelligent and truly special birds, and for many smitten bird-keepers around the world, Galahs possess virtually every element that makes up the ‘perfect’ companion parrot.

These stunningly beautiful birds, lavishly adorned in deep pink, silver grey and white, are confident, independent and extrovert creatures, and don’t usually bow to the stressful tendencies that haunt their closely-related cousins, the white cockatoos. Even hand-reared Galahs, that have benefited from being well-socialised, retain their natural breeding instincts, and do not suffer the curse of becoming imprinted, which plagues so many of the other cockatoos.

In fact these birds, also known as Roseatte or Rose-breasted Cockatoos, have very little in common with any of the white cockatoos, and in their looks, breeding habits and personalities, stand alone. Galahs are a lot less demanding, than their close relatives, and although they love spending time with their owner, learning new tricks, or just being made a fuss of, they are also happy to spend time entertaining themselves too, as long as they have plenty to keep them busy, and have lots of exciting toys to play with.

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