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Inbreeding and Families: How to Save Australia’s Orange-bellied Parrots. By Devorah Bennu, PhD aka “GrrlScientist”
In issue 293 -
Flower power is priceless! By Rosemary Low
In issue 293 -
Milk thistle seeds – benefits and concerns: The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran
In issue 293 -
The Lethal Dangers of Avian Shock: Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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Holistic Parrot

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A Sprouting Controversy – Soaked verses Sprouted. By Leslie Moran

The Internet can provide access to volumes of accurate, in-depth, information on a variety of topics. However, you must consider the source. What concerns me the most is the way one individual will decide that something is factual - when actually it's not. And then others, as if by osmosis, latch onto that idea and run with it, continuing the proliferation of false information. I've noticed this occurs frequently when the topic of soaked verses sprouted seeds for birds is being discussed. For example, the phrase, "soaked seeds are more nutritious than sprouts", appears in numerous locations. But has anyone ever bothered to do any research on this topic to uncover the facts? My book, "

The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots", discusses the value of sprouted foods, but clearly more information is needed on this subject. This column will shed light on this misunderstood area of sprouting for birds.

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