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Living with four parrots rescued from a life of misery

Parrots 151 - August 2010

Four parrots really hit the jackpot, when devoted parrot lover and breeder Shaun Maguire from East Anglia, went to their rescue, and released them from a life of deprivation, filth and total misery. Here Shaun takes up the story and explains how, in just a few months, he has turned their lives around:

Barney, a female Blue & Gold Macaw, Lulu, a female Moluccan Cockatoo, Chief, a male Yellow-naped Amazon and Cookie, a male Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, were all in the care of a lady, who for the last few years, had been suffering from severe depression, and along with five dogs, were all living in appalling conditions.

Neighbours had reported the condition of her property to the local council, and the RSPCA were actively involved in re-homing her dogs, after she had been threatened with eviction, if she didn’t immediately offer them up for new homes. The lady ‘loved’ all her pets, but she was in a different place, and quite simply wasn’t coping on any level, and their suffering ran deep.

Once the authorities had become involved though, the lady began to focus on the ‘living hell’ surrounding her, and conceded that she was completely out of her depth and did indeed need help. Through local contacts, she specifically requested that I go to see her. I had known the lady from years back, when I lived in the area, and had first started keeping parrots, and she knew how much I loved and cared for my birds.

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