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Why ‘feeding a wide variety of different foods’ is a recipe for avian malnutrition – The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran
In issue 303 -
Timnehs and Red Tails – the Two Kinds of Greys – Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
In issue 303 -
Lifetime behaviour changes in one lory – By Rosemary Low
In issue 303 -
Trade law discrepancies unhelpful for conservation – By David Waugh, Correspondent, Loro Parque Fundación
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An Impromptu Psittacine Cuteness Rating

Parrots 151 - August 2010

Complete Psittacine By EB Cravens

It is a special state holiday here in Hawaii - King Kamehameha Day with horses and parades and music and 'no need go work today'!

I am busy feeding and training five baby Yellow -fronted Amazon fledglings, but I can still enjoy the break day because April is home to help with the chores.

So as I began to compose this column amidst the fumbling, clawing flights of baby Amazons, I started pondering - did you ever place yourself at a desk to write a planned something topic, only to end up typing something else entirely different? That is what is happening to me right now. It’s King Kamehameha Day though, so I have a legitimate excuse. You see, I was going to do a Complete Psittacine this month on some rather dry factual topic like care and maintenance or creative environments, but then the fledglings assaulted me and the next thing I knew, I was playing 'roll-over-grab-your-beak-growl-at-your-sister-that’s my toy' with these precocious green bundles of feathers. Then the holiday tapped me on the forehead and I decided to have some spontaneous fun. Lo and behold, I began conjuring thoughts of which of the species of psittacines I have raised and known is the cutest?

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