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Amazons of the Caribbean islands

Amazons of the Caribbean islands

Pam Fryer

Pam Fryer recently travelled the Caribbean islands and tells us about the Amazon parrot species she found.

There are several species of parrot endemic to the Caribbean and I have become aware, from a recent trip I made to some of the Caribbean Islands, that there is a very fragile balance between the extinct and the endangered. Historically, Macaws probably existed on many of the Islands, as fossilised bones of the St Croix Macaw have been found – G.H Evans PhD.

Species of parakeets once existed on some of the islands but have become extinct. It is highly probable other species of parrot and Amazon species, other than those in existence today, occupied particular Islands. Parrots were hunted for their meat, and as the means of hunting became more sophisticated, great pressure was put on the parrots.

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