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If at first you don't succeed

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If at first you don’t succeed

Penny Mansfield tells us how Edward and Sophie finally made it.

Try, try and try again! This must have been the motto for my pair of Blue and Gold Macaws who, after nearly a decade together, finally produced and parent-reared two beautiful big healthy chicks!

The story began nearly twelve years ago when I bought Edward as a youngster from a friend of mine who had lent him to me on a number of occasions to provide a focal point for talks at local bird clubs and even one time as guest of honour at a Caribbean luncheon. Edward loved these occasions and was so people-friendly that he was a star attraction wherever he went! Gradually I fell in love and couldn’t bear to be parted from him, so a price was negotiated and Edward came to live permanently with my husband, John, and I.

When we moved to a farm a couple of years later I decided that Edward deserved more scope so we built a large 20ft long, 12ft wide and 8ft high flight adjoined to a brick shed inside which was erected a roomy living area complete with full spectrum lighting, air purifier and even a radio! Both were furnished with plenty of natural wooden perches and ropes.

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