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Living with my apartment flock

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Living with my apartment flock

Lexy Aldrich Thorpe, a single, young professional, in her early twenties, shares her life and her apartment, in the suburbs of Washington DC, USA with a flock of wonderful birds. Six pet cockatiels, two tame and talking Quakers, a very playful Black-headed Caique, and a troublesome Severe Macaw, make up her present flock.

Birds have been top of Lexy’s agenda, ever since she was introduced to a friend’s cockatiel as a child. And, when she moved out of her parents’ home at 19, and into a house-share with other girls, she persuaded her new landlord that a bird would be both clean and quiet - and talked her into ditching her strict ‘no pets policy.’

Here Lexy tells her story:

I did a lot of research before deciding, that a young male pearl cockatiel, would be my first bird. Unfortunately though, I chose to buy Sammy from a rather unscrupulous dealer and he didn’t prove to be as tame and trusting as I had been led to believe. Having got Sammy home, and settled in, I tried to get him out of his cage, but he was having none of it. At every attempt, he hissed and snapped at me, and the only way I could get him out, was by wrapping him in a small towelling facecloth.

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