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Parrots magazine, Issue 88

Issue 88 4a1cfb2a39df6

Low-down on Lovebirds, Living with a Senegal, Parrot Perils

Issue 88 - May 2005

The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens ' Parrots that learn about noisemaking. Some weeks ago April and I were called upon to help take care of a mature male Moluccan Cockatoo that had been moved around in its homes several times due to excessive noisemaking. Wasu came to us with ten years or so of pent-up energies and the 'routine’ vocal habits of a large cockatoo wishing to get more human attention. The low-down on Lovebirds ' Lovebirds can prove to be a good choice for the parrot breeder who does not have the time or finances to invest in the larger parrot species says Amanda Gregory. Living with a Senegal Parrot ' Sonny Stollenmaier recounts how this big-beaked, brave and affectionate 'small€™ parrot won his heart. Beware of parrot perils - Parrots magazine has been alerted to some unfortunate recent occurrences which readers may with to be aware of. Little-known parrots of the Colombian Andes ' Colombia has the second or third highest number of parrot species worldwide, but at least 12 are in imminent danger of extinction. Rosemary Low went in search of the endangered parrots of the Colombian Andes. A Homemade Aviary ' Dorothy Schwarz wanted to build an aviary for her birds but didn’t want to fork out on expensive equipment. She tells us how she managed to keep her costs down using renovated materials and free labour. Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher- Canary-winged Parakeets, an attractive species that needs establishing ' the agility of Canary-winged Parakeets is portrayed in this different pose. Surgical or DNA sexing is necessary to be certain of a breeding pair. Canadian parrot 'cycles' the Pacific Coast - When Lorraine Escher undertook a thousand mile bicycle ride from Canada to the USA, she took along her partner…and their parrot. She describes their incredible journey together. Amigos De Las Aves Costa Rica the breeding centre and practices ' Amigos de las Aves was formed 13 years ago in Cost Rica, aiming to preserve Scarlet and Green Macaws. Marti Everett tells us how the project developed to the point where reintroduced juveniles are breeding in the wild. Bodin€'s Amazon ' the little known gem of the Amazona genus. This subspecies of the Festive Amazon is rare in captivity and hence difficult to breed. Merilee Hook tells us more about this elusive yet very rewarding parrot. Bald is beautiful ' Stephen Bloomfield owns five parrots, four of which were rescued. In this article he tells us about how he cares for Jake, a feather-plucker with only 3 toes.

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