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Parrots magazine, Issue 122

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The Cockatiel - An Ideal Pet, Living With The Pig and Parrot, The SCA

Issue 122 - March 2008

The Complete Psittacine, Some conclusions about feather destructive behaviour from EB Cravens. Living with the Pig and Parrot Marisa Rehana Mann updates us on the charming story of Sid, the Guinea Pig, and Rosa, the pet Amazon, which appeared in issue 112. Macaw Mountain or Mo'Witz as the Mayans would say was named by them more than 1500 years ago, writes Steve Hartman of the Parrot University. Throughout the 1000 year reign of the Mayan empire it was evident in daily life that the Mayans revered the splendour and beauty of the Macaw and its habits. The Cockatiel an ideal pet, The cockatiel is a delightful and rewarding companion bird says Pauline James, and is suitable for absolutely everyone. They are gentle, not too noisy, easy to tame and adorable. Mealy Parrots The Mealy Parrot (Amazona farinosa) is among the largest of the Amazons, writes Bob Alison, with perhaps the gentlest disposition of all. Its name derives from the powdery appearance of its plumage, as if dusted with flour. Parrots in Focus Kea's... are fascinating parrots! Says Cyril Laubscher. The Silent Parrot Killer Katrina Coleman issues an urgent appeal to parrot owners- The single most memorable piece of advice I was given and will pass on to you is to never ever give a parrot a peanut in the shell. Virginia Caputo, author of Aspergilosis & Jardine'€™s Parrots, says “Peanuts grow in the ground and are considered to be a common source of aspergilus and also of aflatoxins which can sicken birds. Beware of the possibility of mold growing in all seeds and nuts. Caring for Unwanted Parrots Another article in Dot Schwarz'€™s series on parrot people who make a difference. This month she interviews Maddy and Andy Key of the SCA. Our plans don’t always develop exactly as we want them to.Maddy and Andy Key, who run the only holding station for unwanted birds belonging to the SCA(Society for the Conservation of Aviculture) are well aware of that. I visited them to find out what makes a couple devote every free moment to the care of parrots, both their own and those relinquished by other people.

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