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Parrots magazine eMag 78

eMag 78


Issue 78 - July 2004

Malabar Parakeets by Cyril Laubscher – an exotic, rare, feathered gem from India. Viewed close up, all the beautiful colours of a male’s head are clearly shown, especially the bluish-turquoise band and black collar, green cheeks and lores, with bluish forecrown offset against the bluish-grey head, neck and breast. The red upper and black lower mandibles, with orange-yellow eye, are striking features. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens – If the oldest chick loves you, you’re on the right track. It’s springtime again, and that means baby parrots! It also has got me to thinking… Breeding Green-cheeked & Maroon-bellied Conures by Marcus Kent – These two species of smaller conure make gorgeous loving pets and are good aviary birds for beginners. They are also good parrots for breeding, and this article details one breeder’s experience. Why do parrots pluck their own feathers? – In the first of a two part article, Barry Fass-Holmes investigates some theoroies about why captive parrots pluck, and questions the validity of some popular (mis) conceptions. Living with a Sun Conure by Rachel Grant – These small and incredibly pretty birds have big personalities, despite their size. Rachel Grant owns two Sun Conures and explains why these noisy and destructive psittacines have become part of her family, despite her initial misgivings. Pet parrot sitting by Christine Green – Are you one of the many parrot owners who never takes a holiday because of your pet bird? Well help may be at hand, thanks to the growth in the number of pet sitters. But how can you be sure that they are the right person to look after your parrot? Pesquet’s Parrots – a species in need of study by Jenifer Hilburn – One of the most distinctive of parrot species, the Pesquet’s Parrot – also known as the Vulturine Parrot - is rare and vulnerable due to its low level of reproduction, and its value to the human population of its native habitat. Providing a suitable diet for your pet parrot by Sonny Stollenmaier – Seed mixes or pellets, dried fruits or natural produce, complete foods of supplements – the choice facing a parrot owner can be confusing and overwhelming. In this article we look at all of these and find that variety is the key. Yellow-eared Parrot chicks in the nest – David Waugh of the Loro Parque Fundacion tells us how a recovery effort for this critically endangered species now ranks as one of the most successful conservation efforts in South America.


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