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Improve air quality in a room

Improve Air QualityBy Pauline James

What do most parrots and parakeets all have in common?  Dust!  They produce and shed copious amounts of dust.
There are many things that can be done to significantly improve the air-quality in a room housing a ‘powder down’ parrot:
1. Clean all surfaces regularly with a damp cloth, rather than a dry duster.  This will trap and remove particles, rather than sending a large percentage airborne again.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner with a highly-efficient HEPA filter that traps dust rather than spreads it, and avoid vacuum cleaners that collect dust in a removable bag.

3. A good quality HEPA air purifier can be very effective at removing dust and pet cander as well, in some models, airborne allegens.

4. Use a simple misting spray daily and aim the spray above his head, so the fine water droplets fall on him from above, rather than make him nervous by aiming straight at him.

5. Keep a humidifier near to the cage.  This will help to keep the bird’s skin and feathers hydrated, and prevent its skin from becoming dry, flaky and itchy, stopping it from scratching and preening excessively.


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