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Energy Healing for Parrots


By Pam Fryer

Energy is all that there is. We are energy beings. We live and breathe (as does all in our Universe) in what amounts to a sea of motion - a quantum sea of light.

There are electrical fields around every organism from humans to parrots, elephants, frogs, bees, trees, viruses, bacteria, moulds etc, all have their own field.

Everything is energy operating at its own frequency, every organ in the body has its own electrical field and frequency.  All vitamins and elements in the periodic table are found in fruit, vegetables and all live foods grown with the help of the sun, providing the soil is well cared for and organically fertilised.  This is why live foods have huge healing benefits for parrots.  They need those vitamins and elements in the periodic table for health and well-being, as do we.  You can give supplements, which do have their healing place, but live foods for parrots are a natural source, which for them also creates interest, texture and taste.

It is wise to try to keep parrots as far away as possible from electricity meters, power lines, mobile phone masts, electricity pylons, electricity sockets, TVs, computers, any man-made EMF that brings distortion to their, and of course our, energy field.  Pigeon fanciers talk about racing pigeons being disorientated and not finding their way home due to man-made EMF distortion affecting their navigation systems.  Parrots feel that distortion, they have not evolved to live amongst modern day technology emitting damaging EMF.

Disease takes place when one’s body field gets scrambled.  It all starts in the subtle energy fields.  This is something as a society we need to take on board.

Parrots respond well to natural forms of healing which can also help support medical treatments or help the healing process after surgery.  Research has proved healing works.  There are so many forms of healing from Spiritual Healing to Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Reconnection Healing, Energy Healing to name a few.  Long distance healing has also been proven to be effective.

Some herbs are healing for parrots, these each have their own energy.  Crystal Healing also can help.  Crystals emit energy each has a different energy.  I often used to put crystals around a parrot’s cage to help a health condition.  Homeopathy also has a place in healing as that also is energy.  The aim with all healing is to help balance and try to restore the distortion in the energy fields.


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