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Security for new bird owners

Security information for new bird owners

By John Hayward - National Theft Register Co-ordinator


As the proud owner of a pet bird whether it be a parrot, cockatoo, macaw or one of the smaller species such as a cockatiel, canary, budgerigar or finch, security is a vital issue. Unfortunately it is a fact that birds become lost or stolen at times. This is naturally both traumatic for yourself and for the bird whose welfare is paramount and therefore the following advice is offered.

Identification – Ensure that your bird is either micro chipped or has a ring, and keep the documents safe. If the bird is lost, you need positive means of identification. In addition, your vet can take a blood sample for future DNA comparison, as there are companies who specialise in this work. Fresh feathers can also be submitted for sexing your bird.

Photographs – Photograph your bird regularly especially if it has any unique features.

In-House Pets – If kept indoors, ensure that all windows and doors are secure, when changing its cage or during exercise periods.  Fit padlocks to cages whenever the house is unoccupied, to deter the ‘casual thief’.

Outside Aviaries

  • External aviaries and bird-houses are particularly vulnerable. Padlocks and Padbars should be fitted, or other similar products as recommended by ourselves to the specialist insurance companies. Padlocks and Padbars – This equipment is made with high-tensile steel and the padlocks are ‘close-shackled’, again to prevent break-ins. Steel sheeted backings to doors is also suggested to give added strength protection.
  • Consider either ‘beam’ or ‘contact’ security systems to activate audible alarms, which are available at most stores. These can now be linked to ‘Dialout’ units to call your mobile phone in the event of a break in.
  • Install additional P.I.R and lighting units. Thieves do not welcome security systems which create noise or illumination.
  • CCTV/VCR equipment can be utilised to survey the exterior from within the home, again at reasonable cost.

NB: Security surveys can be arranged.

In addition, please be aware that even if wing-clipped, your bird can still fly to some extent and many become lost especially as the new replacement feathers are forming.

Finally, I recommend that bird keepers consider insurance cover by one of the specialist companies, especially for theft and vets’ fees.

As Security Advisor, please call my office for any further information on any of the above aspects to ensure a safe and secure environment for your bird.

Tel: 01869 325699, 07802 404929   E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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