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Buying a bird

If you’re thinking about buying a parrot, there is much to take into consideration. A parrot is for life – they can live as long as humans and require as much care, love and attention as any other member of the family.
Here are some of the points to bear in mind:
Never buy from an auction
Which type of bird would suit your family, living accommodation and lifestyle?
What to consider when buying – where to buy from, documentation, the bird’s condition?
If you’re buying an older bird, care must be exercised as there are a number of extra questions to be asked
What will happen to the bird when you go on holiday?
Make sure you know where your nearest avian vet is
Birds going ‘cheap’ usually turn out to be the most expensive – there’s no reason why a parrot in good condition should be sold at a bargain price.
Much more information about buying a parrot can be found in the Buyers Guides section of our website at


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