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Happy Christmas everyone!

The team here at Parrots magazine would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas! We have all been working really hard to finish the February issue so it is available on time in January and I'm proud to say we have some incredible articles lined up for you! A wild cockatoo and disabled captive cockatoo become inseparable after an amazing courtship! Guy Hull experiences being in the middle of a budgie frenzy in the Outback and Rosemary Low talks Lories... And that's just for starters!
Don't forget to start collecting parrot-safe disposables that you can make parrot toys with. In the February issue we also announce details of the prizes we have on offer for our THINK PARROTS 2013 DIY Enrichment Toy Competition! All you have to do is make up an enrichment toy out of household throwaways, cheap items or natural trimmings from the garden or countryside and bring it to our Show on 19 May where the best three will receive amazing enrichment themed prizes!
The adverse weather conditions are unfortunately looking to continue for the next few days - I really hope no-one has lost aviaries and birds due to the floods... Keep safe and keep your parrots safe and we'll see you next year!


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