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All birds are sensitive...

Golden Conures have been described as being similar to Hyacinthine Macaws in as much as they are very sensitive and complex creatures. Only breeders that have spent much time with these species and really got to know them, have been successful breeding them. One such breeder is Pompom from South Africa who has specialised in breeding Golden Conures for many years, knows her birds inside out and as a result is one of the world's top breeders of these parrots.
Even though most of us don't actually keep Golden Conures we can still learn a lot from Pompom's experience with these birds and apply her observations and thoughts about her conures to parrots in general. We still have a lot to learn about parrots and the way they think and feel, and although we describe Golden Conures and Hyacinthines as sensitive, actually all birds are sensitive and complex in their way and the more we learn how to delve into their private world and understand them, the happier our parrots will be.
Pompom's amazing insight into the complex private world of Golden Conures in the October issue of Parrots is fascinating and will stay with you.


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