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Volunteering opportunities

With the world getting smaller and smaller as far as travelling is concerned, the opportunities are there to follow your dream, and if your dream is to find unspoilt paradise in the tropics and work with wild animals and parrots in lesser known countries in the world, then we may just have the answer to your dreams!
There are volunteering opportunities all over the world, but we are seeking out some really, really special ones, in some of the most amazing places. The priority is always rehabilitating animals and parrots for release back into the wild and where you are only required to contribute a minimal amount for your accommodation and meals.
The first volunteering opportunity has an opening for several volunteers at a time, for whatever period of time you wish and is on-going. It is with a private family in Bolivia and was featured in the June 2012 issue. The next volunteering idea will be in the August issue...
So make sure you don't miss out!


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