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Misters not all the same

If you have a parrot that is plucking its feathers due to skin irritation, it is essential that it be offered a good quality mixed diet with plenty of vitamin A-rich foods. But, it is also vital to offer warm and soothing showers daily too - which is beneficial to all parrots - to help relieve the bird of the constant irritation. Some parrots happily take to misting sessions, but there are many that don't. If you have a bird that shies away as soon as you get the mister out, it may not be the shower he dislikes, but the mister!
Not all misters are the same, and using the right one can be the difference between success and failure. Tina Waters explains how she got over the problem, and stopped her Grey from plucking its feathers, in our Living with three African Greys and a Galah in the January issue of Parrots...


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