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Moulted out feathers

Greg Glendall is requesting in the September issue of Parrots magazine, due out next week, that parrot owners send him their parrot's newly-moulted out primary flight feathers. Greg runs a feather donor service, free of charge, supplying avian vets with these feathers, which enable them to repair the wings of parrots and macaws which have suffered damage or a bad wing-clipping.
The donor feathers prevent wing-clipped birds from breaking their blood feathers during the moult. Greg has now completely run out of macaw feathers, and particularly needs newly moulted-out primary feathers from Green-winged, Scarlets and Blue & Golds.
Please send your feathers to:
Greg Glendall
P O Box 1160
BS25 2WD.
Don't forget to state which species of parrot they are from.


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