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Enrichment for companion, and breeding pairs of parrots, is absolutely essential, but this is not always about buying more and more toys - although they appreciate those too! Physical and mental enrichment is also about offering natural things. Fresh branches, suitable pieces of bark, non-toxic fresh flower-heads, and freshly-picked greenery out of the garden are all examples of items that can bring enrichment to a parrot's life. But, had you thought about offering your parrots pine cones which will be littering our paths shortly? Parrots absolutely love them!
In the September issue of Parrots Magazine due out next week, we explain how to treat pine cones so that they are safe to give to your parrots as a plaything, football, foot toy, chew toy and foodstuff, and they cost nothing!
Refer to the May 2011 issue of Parrots Magazine for examples of fresh flower-heads that can be safely offered to parrots, and please let us know if we have left any common flowers off our list!


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