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Cover your windows

Isn’t it great when the warmer weather comes bringing with it that feel-good factor and optimism. And for our birds, those rays of sunshine can only be good for their health, as aviaries are opened up and the dreary winter months are a distant memory.

But with all this, we must be aware that it is so easy for doors and windows to be left open, which gives rise to birds escaping and the grief that goes with it. Already, our ‘Lost and Found’ register is growing with an increase in escapees and the many heartaches that go with them. We must be extremely vigilant and particularly watch children who may not have such awareness of the dangers. I would urge anyone who likes the summer’s fresh air, to have grilles made up to cover windows. They can be quite simply constructed with wire mesh and fitted with lift-off hinges.

The cost would be insignificant compared to the grief and upset when your valuable companion makes for the great outdoors. Many have offered substantial rewards for the recovery of their birds when lost, so why not spend a little of that to make sure such a problem never happens. Chain-link screens can also be very effective in deterring a potential escapee.

In the April issue of Parrots magazine, we included an article by Rosemary Low regarding the large consignment of African Greys that died in transit, suspected of carbon monoxide poisoning. The issue of toxic vapours continues to worry bird keepers and in the May issue, avian vet, Alan Jones, has highlighted the hidden dangers of toxic fumes and how easy it is to lose a cherished family pet companion. This is a big subject with potential hazards coming from such a wide range of different areas that will kill our birds if not properly understood, and something we can never publicise too much about. Our lives can never get away from the deluge of chemicals and toxic fumes that surround us, we may well be able to cope, but our birds will not.


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