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Articles on Lories & Lorikeets in back Issues

LoriesLorikeets back issues

Continuing with our series on back issues by bird type, here are the articles about Lories & Lorikeets.  Please note that some articles are Readers’ Stories.


Normal prices from UK: (each back issue):
UK £3.95  Europe £4.95  RoW £5.95  USA & Canada US$9.00
All prices include p&p/shipping.

However, take advantage of these special Christmas rates valid until 31st December 2015!
UK: When you buy 5 or more - £2 each
EU: When you buy 5 or more - £3 each
US/Canada: When you buy 5 or more US$6 each
Rest of World: When you buy 5 or more £4 each
All prices include p&p/shipping.  Available while stocks last.
Ordering back issues is easy, either on our website by clicking here, or call us on 01273 464777.



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