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Do you realise that if you pre-order your copy of Parrots magazine, you will save money!
You can save money on the shop price of £3.85 if you pre-order your copy of Parrots magazine on our website or call us on 01273 464777.  To pre-order the November issue, visit this link – Click Here – before Monday 12 October.
You’ll benefit from early delivery (a week before the magazine hits the shops), saving you the time and effort of a journey, never missing an issue and free delivery to your door.
If you’re in the UK and you’d like to save even more money, why not think about taking out a UK annual subscription.  Not only will you save over £10 a year, compared to UK shop prices, but you’ll gain from the benefits mentioned above.  To order your UK 12 month subscription, click here or call 01273 464777.  Prices apply to UK subscription only.



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