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GreyInShowerWhat a summer we have had in the UK, or I should say, haven’t had!  Cloudy and cool, rain on and off, with the odd appearance of sun here and there, but no consistent, lovely weather.  Still it’s good to remember that the sun is always shining above the clouds!  Our environment can play its part in our well-being and the same is true for parrots.
According to an article entitled ‘Showertime’ by Margaret McLean in issue 14 (details of all articles in that issue will appear next Saturday on Facebook), in the African Grey’s natural habitat, tropical rains and high humidity ensures that the parrot’s plumage always looks sleek and glossy.  However, for captive companion birds their usual habitat may be a centrally-heated living room, so the best solution is to simulate conditions in the wild and provide regular baths, showers or misting with an ordinary household spray to help keep your bird’s plumage in perfect condition.
However, it’s important to bear in mind a number of points before instigating one of these options, so please do some research first, eg, avoid using cold water, spray in a warm room, these are just a couple of examples of a few things that need to be taken into account.
If you’re interested in reading the whole ‘Showertime’ article, you can order back issue number 14 (February/March 1997) here: Back issue number 14


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